We provide many types of concrete, brick, stone and cement, umber, wood, millwork material, and monolithic works with including finishing works and even insulation materials.
Finishing Works, Monolithic Works
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When providing the right services for customers, we do give our complete attention and do not step away from bestowing the most prominent resources. In recent times, the world of architecture and engineering has witnessed the rise of new trends, including those of finishing works and monolithic works.

LLC Alkor has skillfully adapted to these trends to give a heavenly experience to its diverse customer base. We ensure their needs are taken care of before implementing any service.

Finishing Works

As is evident by its name, finishing works refers to the stage when the construction of any ongoing project is at the brink of its conclusion stage. A lot of how the building looks depends on the quality of finishing work executed by the management company.

We at LLC Alkor comprise team members with significant expertise in all the levels of finishing works, including, but not limited to, plastering, flooring, glazing, painting, wallpapering, and facing. We are willing to execute the finishing works per our customers’ requests and like to maximize client satisfaction.

Monolithic Works

The considerable increase in the demand for skyscrapers and tall-storey buildings contributes to the monolithic works that the architectural world has adopted.
We analyze the needs of our customers and integrate all the desired monolithic works elements so that the construction is unique yet wonderful. Here are some of the advantages of monolithic works that we focus on maximizing the effects of:

  • The construction process is relatively quicker than its counterparts. This speedy nature also helps bridge the gap between market demand and supply, if any.
  • The cost and time optimization becomes more efficient.
  • The construction project becomes resistant to damage from disasters.


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