We are professional kind of civil engineering tenders, design tenders and Construction tenders in Europe, USA and CIS countries. There are so many different types of tenders present during a construction process.
Design Tenders, Engineering Tenders, Construction Tenders in Europe, USA and CIS Countries
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LLC Alkor makes for a platform that enables everyone to view available tenders across multiple domains and geographical areas. We specialize in listing the following tenders to our potential clients.

Construction Tenders in Europe, UAE and CIS Countries

We deal with a large part of the world and make available various construction tenders in Europe, UAE, and CIS countries as a part of this process. Through our platform, builders and designers can readily find current tenders with all the specifications mentioned in the requested geographical location.

These tenders are available across multiple domains, including engineering services, provision of goods, materials, and equipment, architectural services, and finally, financing of a project.

For the same purpose, we have an active e-procurement tender platform that allows website visitors to search for tenders and filter results according to their preferences.

Design Tenders

We are also in charge of providing design tenders to our website visitors. Be it infrastructural design, plant design, or electrical and conventional engineering design tenders, we have a vast database to ensure that all your needs and preferences are rightly taken into account.
We have them listed based on scheduled dates, budget, location, and other added details from the developer. So you can filter and select something that you find more suitable for your project.

Engineering Tenders

Engineering tenders are comparatively tricky to find. But not anymore! LLC Alkor makes it easier for its employees to surf through a range of engineering tenders located both at a local distance and sea distance apart.

You can browse through multiple engineering tenders and contact the one you find the right match for your project! The tenders we post are verified and organized to complete the work with maximum efficiency.


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