Experts for As-Built Documents Completion and Submission
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Experts for As-Built Documents Completion and Submission

At LLC Alkor, we make proficient decisions and are essentially experts for as-built document completion and submission.

That is, we develop an As-planned design that suits the needs of our customers and then build an As-built document that accurately meets the requirements of our clients. In addition, we focus on correcting the current deficits and give our best in diagnosing the exact location of everything in a building.

Some of the advantages offered by as-built documents and drawings include those:

  • It is a huge time saver. With as-built drawings, the corrections and referrals become easier. One can easily access the displays as they always stay at the disposal of the contractors and check the aspects they are lagging in.
  • They become a threshold against which any and every development is measured. With As-built drawings always being a click away from us, we can assess the quality and quantity of change that has been made since the project’s inception, making it easier for the constructors to work.
  • As-built documents give a more excellent room for making renovations. If the project managers or the construction team wants to employ any changes in the design, they can easily access the original document and make desired changes.


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